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This guitar actually belonged to Stevie's friend and personal assistant Timothy Duckworth.Timothy recalls that Stevie's hands were so strong that he accidently cracked the neck.

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The first two secrets to Stevie's tone are his soul and hands, so you are defeated before you begin in your quest for his tone.

For those who are interested, the following is the best I can do for you in answering gear questions.

I seem to recall this 1961 Strat being referred to as "Scotch," but I am not sure.

The original active pickups were replaced (after they were damaged in the filming of the "Couldn't Stand the Weather" video) with passive pickups.

If you have reliable information which should be added here, feel free to send me the information with appropriate credit. I am not a gear nut, and some of what is on this page I don't understand.

My effort has been to focus on gear used from 1985-1990.

While Stevie used dozens of other guitars and pieces of equipment, this page is not meant to be a complete history of his gear.

In the 1960's, Stevie went through a number of guitars, many being hand-me-downs from Jimmie: Gibson Messenger, 1952 Fender Broadcaster, 1954 Gibson Les Paul T.

Before he did, however, Bowie's crew took the Marshall amp and painted the vinyl black and the grill cloth grey, presumably to approximate the look of other amps which would be on stage.

Stevie's road manager, Cutter Brandenburg, recalls that after the paint job the Marshall letters would not stay on and they would catch in the guitar strings when Stevie leaned Number One against it for feedback.

It had brown "elephant" cabinet vinyl and tan basketweave grill cloth.