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If you give them a 'real' rejection message, the first thing they'll do is be mighty pissed off with you.This is not something you want going on if you're still at the same club, or the same office party, or whatever.

This website is essentially me teaching myself PHP, CSS and trying my best to follow 'best practices' of web design.If I've failed anywhere, I'd love to hear about it!give them the phone number for Rejection Line - 0406 650 430.This number is simply a mobile number that converts SMS text into an entry on au.That's the same reason I chose not to have a real rejection message when people call.

It's more of a stealthy rejection, with the main aim being to keep someone off your back.Any incoming call (and subsequent voicemail) that has come from a private number is ignored. To make it simple - the only things au accepts are 'normal' text messages, and identifiable calls.This is pretty much every legitimate message and call received anyway, but at least it stops the spammers ruining our day :) Originally, I set this site up using a virtual mobile number from Exetel.Sometime in June (with the last message being from June 23, 2010) the number was disconnected and the site has sat dormant since.This site is a copy of that idea, done by someone with almost no programming and web development skills whatsoever.If they ring it, noone will answer and they'll get only a generic voicemail box.