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A feature is often human interest-related and contains more background information than typically found in a news release.It is also known as an evergreen because of its relatively long life span.

A brand that is used on two or more individual products.The product group may or may not be all of that firm's product line.The time period is highly variable, and a fad can repeat at intervals of several years as the hula hoop does.An act that specifies that a third party debt collector (i.e., one who collects debts owed to another), cannot communicate with the consumer in connection with the debt at any unusual time or place, and may not harass or abuse any person in connection with the collection of the debt.The difficulty is in the definitions and measurement of what are mild, moderate, and extreme fear appeals.

A type of publicity material that can be used by the media at their convenience because it is not time related.

This commission replaced the Federal Power Commission established in 1920 and is responsible for issuing licenses for the development of water and electrical power and prohibiting operators from restricting output or restraining trade in electrical energy.

This act requires registration of a pesticide before it can be distributed, sold, or offered for sale or shipped or received in any state.

The use of one design or other key packaging element to integrate the packaging of two or more individual items.

The packages clearly belong to one set, but there are usually some individualizations, especially in brand name.

A form of geographical pricing in which the seller quotes prices from the point of shipment. A specialized financial institution engaged in factoring accounts receivable and lending on the security of inventory. A type of commission house that often advances funds to the consignor, identified chiefly with the raw cotton and naval stores trades.