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David panics at the prospect of his branch being closed and his employees made redundant, but promises to keep it secret; rumours spread around the office.David hires a new forklift driver and shows new temp Ricky Howard around the office.

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Instead of a cramped, decrepit theater-district building, the school is now housed in a giant building near Lincoln Center, with snack machines, escalators and multiple performance spaces.

In "Fame," there seems to be a core group of 30 or so kids who have all their classes together and create a close friend group.

A documentary crew films the activities of the Slough branch of paper merchant Wernham Hogg.

The regional manager is David Brent, a middle-aged man who mistakenly thinks he is as likeable as he is entertaining.

Among his employees are Dawn Tinsley, his receptionist; Tim Canterbury, a sales representative; and Gareth Keenan, his sycophantic assistant.

David's boss Jennifer Taylor-Clarke tells him that Wernham Hogg cannot run both a Slough and Swindon branch, and that the most efficient will incorporate the other.

Tim annoys Gareth by putting his stapler inside a jelly, and later dropping it out of a window.

After being confronted about redundancies, David holds a meeting and explains the situation; employees are immediately worried for their jobs.

In scenes with the illiterate but gifted dancer Leroy walking through his neighborhood, you see the city as a literal trash heap dotted with flaming garbage cans. RELATED: 'Dirty Dancing' Is a Supremely Ridiculous Movie Here's what made me cringe, though: Watching a movie with 1980s values through 2017 eyes can be painful—but also eye-opening and grateful for the tentative progress we've made.

When Montgomery, the melancholy acting student, tells his friend Doris that he's gay and therefore knows he can never be truly happy, she worries that telling people will make him a pariah at the school.

It was rated R for its gritty, realistic depiction of inner-city teen life (including disturbing plots about molestation and exploitation, an abortion monologue, and an endless barrage of F-bombs).