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But the main attraction is the chedi, which is a copy of the 10th-century original erected on the site and houses a relic of the Buddha.

Check out the Hin Thoep rocks in Mukdahan National Park -- large sandstone edifices that 100 million years of rain and wind have shaped into planes, animals and even a flying saucer, depending on your ability to use your imagination. 56th Air Commando Wing, it saw some of the fiercest fighting to take place on Thai soil during the Vietnam War. Ho Chi Minh actually lived in Nakhon Phanom between 19 in the tiny village of Ban Nachok.

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Also known as the King Cobra Village, the one hobby all the villagers have in common is snake breeding.

Locals entertain visitors with brave and/or stupid tricks such as cuddling, boxing and outright taunting them.

One of the most remote provinces in Thailand, Nan is quiet and leafy.

Among Nan's highlights are the mysterious and intricate carvings and murals at Wat Nong Bua, which are likely over 100 years old, although no one knows for sure as records have been lost.Phrae's Wat Phra That Cho Hae is a royal temple built in the late 12th century.The excitement level in Phrae is pretty low, but there are plenty of mountainous parks open for trekking outside the main town.To help get your wanderlust juices flowing, here's a list of all 77 and some of their top attractions.Keep in mind the capital city of each province goes by the same name.The most popular sight in this small but historically significant province is Wat Phra Tha Haripunchai, which dates back anywhere between 1,200 and 400 years, depending on what you consider the original structure to be.