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The vast majority of us are so quick to give out about restaurants, chefs and the waiting staff that serve us on our numerous nights out.We do so thinking that we are all fucking perfect ourselves as customers. Nothing wrong with having a cigarette between courses but what you don't realize is that you could be messing with the entire kitchen by sparking up at the wrong moment.While you arriving 20 minutes late might not seem like that big a deal to you it does have a knock on effect for other tables and it messes with the perfectly formed table plan that the waiters have been slaving over all day.When an order comes in to the kitchen and it has been chosen from about 3 different menus it can be a real pain in the ass to put together.Restaurants are pretty hard places to make money and most need to have a couple of seatings to turn a profit.

Turning the tables might seem like a pain for customers but they are essential in terms of paying the rent and bills.

The worst is ordering a starter from one, main from a another and dessert from the 3rd.

There are a certain amount of people who have allergies and that isn't a problem.

I've experienced both sides of the coin having worked as a chef and I can tell you that customers can be a massive pain in the hole at times. In a really top drawer restaurant plating a meal involves lots of chefs and if the head waiter sees a customer leaving the table they will stall the plating of the meal causing a major backlog in the kitchen.

I've shared a list of things that we are all guilty of doing when we go in to restaurants and because the customer is always right you probably don't even know you are annoying the poor hard working staff. You'll be puffing away outside the front door with not a clue in the world that your meal hasn't just magically appeared as you sit down and it was in fact all planned.

Is it really possible that so many people in the world are allergic to things like parsley, garlic or as the person below says salt?