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2 1/4" x 1 3/8", goldtone, and done in the usual mix of colors and stone shapes. Item: SE6-1193 Price: .00 US Description: Hollycraft Copr.1955 Topaz and Jonquil Rhinestone Earrings - Clip earrings feature topaz rounds in various sizes, accented with light yellow baguettes.Item: SE13-1276 Price: .00 US Description: Hollycraft Multi Green Rhinestone Brooch and Earrings Set - The brooch uses peridot, green tourmaline, and emerald aurora borealis rhinestones in goldtone; the earrings use peridot aurora borealis, green tourmaline, and emerald aurora borealis in goldtone. Item: SN6-1246 Price: .50 US Description: Hollycraft Multi Pastel Christmas Tree Pin - Hollycraft pieces in multi-pastel are always eye candy; to find a tree brooch that uses that combination is truly a treat! 1955 Light and Dark Blue Rhinestone Earrings - Clip earrings feature light sapphire rounds in various sizes, accented with darker blue baguettes.

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One stone is clear, I do not know if it is original or not. 1955 and Hollycraft, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", excellent condition. Item: SS6-1132 Price: 0.00/set US Description: Hollycraft Copr. Sapphire/Rose Rhinestone Brooch - 1950's Hollycraft just has a certain look that is very appealing to collectors; this lovely combination of light sapphire blue and rose pink rhinestones is no exception.

Item: SP6-1133 Price: .50 US Description: Hollycraft Copr. The pink is used as a center for goldtone florals, with the long blue ovals and tiny rounds continuing the flower and vine theme.

A fairly complex design using four larger stones around four smaller stones at the center, and bordered with more small stones alternating with cast hobnails that are also found other places in the design.

These are three dimensional, with the small stones at center being at the highest point in the design.

Necklace is adjustable up to about 19", with a hook and tail closure, and is about 2" at center front including the dangle. Item: SS1-1049 Price: 0.00/demi US Description: Hollycraft 1953 Bracelet, Brooch and Earrings Set in Multi Blue Rhinestone - While Hollycraft did a number of different "looks" over the years, the early 1950's pieces remain some of the most popular with their attention to detail and numerous components.

Bracelet uses the same domed circles and curlique lines, with baguette lines running down curling leaves. Clipback earrings are 1 1/8" x 7/8" and use the domed circles and curlique lines. This design uses (dark) sapphire pears and baguettes, accented with light sapphire small rounds, tiny glass half pearls and goldtone curliques on the bracelet and brooch; coordinating earrings use a single dark sapphire oval bordered with light sapphire rounds and the tiny glass seed pearls at the corners.This is one of the few Hollycraft pieces I have had that seems to have all of its original stones, the one drawback of pieces paste set with so many tiny stones. Probably 1960's production, this uses a lot of different cabochon shapes as well as opaque glass rhinestones, all set in silvertone.Condition is quite good but it has some minor issues.Item: SN8-1067 Price: .50 US Description: Hollycraft Clear Rhinestone Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Demi Set - Though this is not marked with the year marking as was done in the 1950's, I am guessing this is early 1960's because it looks so much like the 1950's pieces.Necklace features an ornate central motif with five dangling pears, baguette and pave set curlique lines, and an unusual domed circles with clear baguettes running down the middle and pave set sides.Metal drop at bottom is tarnished, foldover clasp is worn.