Dating with young child

Heather’s family members occasionally turned around to ask: “By that time, I thought: We were already on our way,” Heather said. Heather’s dad, Keith, signed a box on the marriage license application form that read: “I …

hereby give my consent to said marriage.” The marriage license was approved by a.m.

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One big happy family: Nick and ex-girlfriend Keonna Green, the mother of his four-year-old son Nick Jr. They are pictured at their son's fourth birthday party in March Shortly after news of the split photos emerged showing Young's car being towed away from the Fancy singer's house but Iggy spoke out to clarify: 'I never had anyone's car towed nor did I kick nick out of "my" house.Iggy and Nick began dating at the beginning of 2014 and got engaged in 2015, but their romance was rocked earlier this year when the 'Team' hitmaker had to suffer the indignity of a video leaking online which showed her ex-fiancé Nick admitting to his Los Angeles Lakers teammate D'Angelo Russell that he had cheated on her.And while 18 is also the legal age of marriage in most states, the laws in all 50 states allow minors to marry with parental consent.In some states, a judge must also approve the union.They considered driving nine hours to Las Vegas, but Nevada would require a copy of Heather’s birth certificate, which she did not have on hand. While some states ask for both parents’ permission, Missouri only required one signature from a custodial guardian or parent.

Since Heather had just turned 15, a court clerk — rather than a judge — could approve the union.

Kansas City, on the western edge of Missouri, was 17 hours away. Early the next morning, they strolled through the marble lobby at the Jackson County Courthouse to the recorder of deeds’ office on the first floor.

They left on Heather’s birthday and drove through the night, only stopping to get gas or when she needed to throw up. A court clerk asked Heather and Aaron for their ages and a copy of their IDs.

Her dad, stepmom and grandmother filled the other seats alongside Aaron’s parents. She often craved soggy nachos and hard-boiled eggs. In Idaho, where they met, it’s a felony — statutory rape — for an adult to have sex with anyone younger than 16. Heather lived in a small town surrounded by wheat and potato fields in the valley below Yellowstone National Park. She loved him and needed him to be around for their baby.

It was the morning of her 15th birthday, but she wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. In some ways, she was looking forward to becoming a mom. A few days before her birthday, her mother — who was divorced from her father — called the local police from her home in Utah and filed a report. After the police started looking into the case, they sat down with their families and decided to get married.

Today, turning 18 comes with a host of rights and responsibilities.