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So thanks for your comment, I’ve always been so jealous of men cuz they get to do whatever they want, but they actually live in this delusional state! Never have sex with playas or non commiters & give our attention to the Decent guys that live in the Real world, aren’t selfish liars & actually Want to be there for us instead! Men do like to avoid commitment as they aren’t sure when it’s time to settle or they have the best they can get. This doesn’t mean there can’t be a compromise somewhere though.

But realistically woman are exactly the same, they are just more crafty about it and try to dress it up as other reasons. The main point of this though is when you mentioned the guys you are friends with, the nice guys, the friend zoners, you are saying save you’re affection and sex for those type guys??? The problem with that is those are the guys that girls aren’t attracted to because they are that way.

Alot of you create this dynamic yourself and then complain about it.Most guys have just adopted this behaviour to get what they want from woman because the other way hasn’t worked.This is why all married guys assume that all unmarried guys lead lives of constant excitement involving hot tubs full of naked international fashion models; whereas in fact for most unmarried guys, the climax of the typical evening is watching an infomercial for while eating onion dip straight from the container. Well, let's just say that while men don't particularly LOVE those things, but they don't If they were courting a top model like Carmen Electra, they'd be picking out wedding invitations and China patterns after the first date. That’s like him telling you he had a bad time in Florida, so he won’t go back, even though you’re dying to go and have never been. What is crazy is how desperate he is to have me back in his life but as his girlfriend not his wife.(This is also true of married guys, although statistically they are far more likely to be using a spoon.) This is why, when a guy goes out on a date with a woman and finds himself really liking her, he often will demonstrate his affection by avoiding her for the rest of his life. No, the awful truth is that men don't commit to women they don't love. If your man doesn't want to get married, he doesn't love you. As a guy, I say the first reason is often just as plausible as the second. Maybe when I’m old and ugly, I’ll have given up on them.Most players and a***holes are just guys who have been hurt by multiple woman in the past just for being a nice, kind loving and caring and considerate sort of guy, you know the ones you say you want but are never attracted to??? Trust me I know from experience on being both types of guy at different points in my life.

Those are the guys that get cheated on or dumped by woman because they can’t maintain an attraction and are too weak to deal with woman in the right way.Women are puzzled by this, “I don't understand,” they say, “We had such a great time! ” The reason is that the guy, using the linear guy thought process, has realized that if he takes her out again, he'll probably like her even more, so he'll take her out again, and eventually they'll fall in love with each other, and they'll get married, and they'll have children, and then they'll have grandchildren, and eventually they'll retire and take a trip around the world, and they'll be walking hand-in-hand on some spectacular beach in the South Pacific, reminiscing about the lifetime of experiences they've shared together, and then several naked international fashion models will walk up and invite him to join them in a hot tub, and he won't be able to. "Men don't want to commit", "Men don't want to cuddle", "Men don't want to shop", etc. Sure, he'll say stuff like "I'm not ready yet." Which is true. But that doesn't mean you suck as a person, only that you and he are a bad match. If I must be honest with myself, it’s probably the reason I haven’t married my girlfriend of a few years yet. but, what if I haven’t had a chance to really live yet? But not hoarding you fucking insecure disillusion shithead. I’m going through the same exact thing I just told him we can’t be together year after year without commitment.Read up on it, there is a very established pattern and I’ve read what a lot of these guys (and girls) have had to say about how the fear overtakes them and completely takes over their thoughts, etc.which results in them fleeing the relationship because of all the anxiety.Men do like to avoid commitment as they aren’t sure when it’s time to settle or they have the best they can get. This doesn’t mean there can’t be a compromise somewhere though.