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I’ve had the pleasure of dating a lawyer, a doctor, a singer, a classical musician, an aspiring actor, a restaurant manager, and a guy who described his current career as “funemployment.”No two dates have been remotely similar, but every single one has been amazing. It’s completely acceptable to take a date to a shotgun range; vandalizing the side of a bridge is fun if you can get away with it; don’t have a glass of wine every half hour on your first date; and always moisturize!

(Dating causes dry skin.)What’s the craziest date I’ve been on?

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Kevin Richberg, a 32-year-old gay man who was preparing to embark on a cross-country dating voyage in search of an adventure—and, ideally, his soul mate.

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After he was done, he asked her, “So, do you think I’m a good actor? ” Dumbfounded, she responded by saying, “Well, you certainly seem passionate about it but I’ve never seen you act, so how could I really know? Take some time to reflect on how you’ll tell sooner next time. Also worth mentioning is that with Godaddy there is no email support — but Name Silo answers to support tickets fast.So happy cheap domain name hunting; finding good priced renewal is key!Don’t get me wrong; Go Daddy has great service and some TLDs, especially country code top-level domains can be cheap for renewals too.

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