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Rumor has it that Paul Mccartney, refering to the Beatles, asked "Whats that make us" and Lennon "Rubber, whatever they say will bounce off".There is really no way to do a list of my favorite albums with any rationality. I have little time, and there are just too many to sort through. I’d say half of this list below is now on my CD racks, but many are finding impossible to trace.

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Then again, there are rumours that Bowie has sex withever he performs with. I know artists have sampled James Brown probably more than any other artist out there, but is this a case of James "sampling" before sampling existed?

He did Dancing in the Streets with Mick Jagger and there was a rumour that he did it with Mick Jagger too. Bowie uses the phrase "plastic soul' I had heard that during the early sixties some african american artists had labeled the Rolling Stones as plastic soul.

My immediate boss, Ian, a groovy modernist with Gerry Mulligan—style short crop haircut and Chelsea boots, was very encouraging about my passion for music, something he and I both shared, and used to send me on errands to Dobell’s Jazz record shop on Charing Cross Road knowing I’d be there for most of the morning till well after lunch break.

It was there, in the “bins,” that I found Bob Dylan’s first album.

Bowie claimed to have met his wife while they were dating the same dude.

There was a rumour that Bowie had a homosexual affair with Lennon, but I don't know if that was ever confirmed.

All the essential “griot” narrative skills, splintered with anger here, produce one of the most political vinyls to ever crack the Billboard chart. ), I can piggyback this great treat with the 1974 compilation Not an album, a 12-inch single. A well-thought-through and relentlessly affecting song co-written by Elvis Costello, and Wyatt’s interpretation is the definitive. Balinese gamelan music cross-dressing as Minimalism. Saw this performed live in downtown New York in the late 70s. Having just finished a tour in white shirt and black trousers, I immediately recognized Reich’s huge talent and great taste. man that had brought him into contact with the Factory.

Heartbreaking—reduces strong men to blubbering girlies. The music (and the gymnastics involved in executing Reich’s tag-team approach to shift work) floored me. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND Brought back from New York by a former manager of mine, Ken Pitt. Warhol had given him this coverless test pressing (I still have it, no label, just a small sticker with Warhol’s name on it) and said, “You like weird stuff—see what you think of this.” What I “thought of this” was that here was the best band in the world.

“One day, about half-past five in the afternoon, there’s a knock on the door, and there he was: ‘Hello, David.’ Roger Moore comes in, and they had a cup of tea.

He stays for drinks, and then dinner, and tells lots of stories about the James Bond films.

And also remember that John Lennon "nutted" the journalist who suggested he had a relationship with Brian Epstein.