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This logic is also flawed, but that’s a different discussion.

What we tend to believe is that we should hold our friendships to completely different standards than our relationships with our significant others.

She believed that I’d stopped pursuing my friendships and ambitions as I solely focused on our relationship.

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This is why people need to talk more about the fact that friends can cause the same kind of pain that romantic partners can.

Friendships can do the same things that romantic relationships can do.

In theory, they’re supposed to be there for you before and after your significant others come and go.

For all intents and purposes, it’s exactly like having multiple significant others without the physical intimacy.

But no one ever talks about the fact that someone who is supposed to be your best friend can also do all of these things.

Friends can be just as detrimental to your self-esteem just as much as someone that you’re dating.After all, you've had friends way before you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.Even when you’re in college, and after, you spend a majority of your time with your friends.It’s harder to talk about though because no one has ever really started the conversation.We’ve all had friends that treated us poorly, and through a series of painful events, finally got them out of our lives.I’ve been there more than once, but there was never a how-to guide on how to break up with a friend that is being manipulative or abusive.