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For someone who has no discernible talent, she sure thinks that she deserves to be the center of attention., each time feigning embarrassment. In fact, the running joke on the set of Maria Menounos is out at “Extra” amid rumors she clashed with her co-host Mario Lopez, Page Six has exclusively learned.

Hough is a former WDSF World Youth Latin Champion (2002) as well as a Blackpool U-21 Latin title (2003) for Poland with Aneta Piotrowska.

He has won the LA Outstanding Dancer of the Year and the New York Dance Alliance Outstanding Dance awards.

Another manipulation on her part is her relationship. Then she talked about how she liked to be choked by her boyfriend while she has orgasms during sex. Who goes on Howard Stern to talk about erotic asphyxiation and the serious topic of sexual abuse? Although she had the same boyfriend for forever, she pretended to date Derek Hough for the duration of her stint on .

Although she has a real boyfriend, she is pretending to date a reality show regular because he is more famous than her boyfriend and provides her with extra photo ops. They went to the movies and out to dinner and to parties and on vacation together, staging photo ops to try to play up the phony relationship. Our source tells us that Maria reeks of desperation to be famous and will do anything – including faking romances and stripping off her clothes and talking about sex – to get attention.

When Hough was 12, his divorcing parents sent him to London to live and study with dance coaches Corky and Shirley Ballas.

Hough's sister Julianne joined him in London several months later.

Hough was photographed getting flirty and close with Menounos as the two hugged, danced around together and snuggled closely while looking at Hough's phone. Hough also shared a photo of the two on his Twitter account and captioned the shot, "Just did EXTRA with this Joker.

Luv yah crazy Greek." Fans that replied to the tweet included some giving Hough and Menounos the nickname "Menough." This is not the first time Hough and Menounos have sparked rumors that they were dating.

As of June 2013 Menounos was reportedly still with Undergaro, revealing in the July edition of pro who has been rumored to start a relationship with a partner.

He dated his season 6 partner Shannon Elizabeth, while best pal Mark Ballas dated his season 5 partner Sabrina Bryan.

[Blind Gossip] Everything about this TV girl reeks of fakeness and desperation. His name is Kevin Undagaro, and he is the one she took on Howard Stern with her to talk explictly about her sex life.