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In my youthful folly, I foolishly chose to pine for my black prince. To say I was immediately smitten was quite the understatement. I watched as he paraded through the halls of church and other gatherings with one girl after the other, none whom looked like me. Tightly sewed in Brazilian and Malaysian locks would not miraculously transform me into Shakira or JLO or secure my place in Jay’s heart.

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In other words, the person you chat with actually looks like their photo.

Launched in 1995, was one of the first online dating sites ever.

I quickly found out that “sweet” Christian boys, red and yellow black and white were horny to.

My nicki minajesque rear end quickly proved to be false advertising.

With news of Janet Jackson finding love, marriage and family with a Middle Eastern man, curiosity of such matches have increased.

Take a read of one young woman who took the chance and jumped on a plane.

By Michaele Acary Two days after my 29th birthday, I boarded a plane headed for Jordan. In a span of ten years, I had experienced several personal setbacks that left me severely depressed.

With 30 just around the corner, I decided it was time for a change.

The incredibly kind and attractive man sitting across from me one month later, was nothing like the prejudiced biased portrayals of Arab men, I saw in American media.

Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone I would have allowed the fears of others, to shape my narrative.

For years I waited for Harry to notice me in the sea of blondes and brunettes he dated.