first phone call dating East asian women dating only white men

Many women from various ethnic groups see Asian men as less masculine, and women in general prefer a masculine man.

Asian men in America complain that white women don’t find them attractive enough to be dating partners or marriage.

The reason basically for Asian men being more feminine in physical appearance is because of they produce more estrogen than men of other racial groups.Asian women are more feminine in appearance because they produce more estrogen than other women.The part that the Asian man is bitter about is not just "White girls don’t want us" but rather "White girls don’t want us, but white guys are all over Asian girls". Sure, not all white guys are into Asian girls, but there are plenty that are.Let’s arbitrarily say that 5% of white guys have a thing for Asian girls. I mean, when was the last time you saw a male Asian porn star?(Also bad for you.) Does he wear Fubu and refer to himself as a nigga? (Heretofore these guys shall be known as ‘Yellow M&Ms’ – thanks Kono).

If, on the other hand, he’s got glasses and is more versed in chemical engineering than trendy clothes, you’re a saint.

Not all Americans of various ethnic groups view Asian men this way but they have many members among them who do.

I am talking about Asian men of east Asian and northern Asian descent the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodia, and other Northern and eastern Asian countries.

This estrogen also influences personality and emotions this makes Asian men display characteristics that often are associated with women.

Some of the characteristics are they keep emotions hidden well meaning it can be difficult to tell when an Asian man is angry.

The more testosterone a man produce the more he will show his emotions of anger, joy, sadness, happiness, etc.