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Whether this intensified military cooperation really serves Egyptian interests or not is another matter.

At the least it involves serious downside risks for Cairo.

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He may, therefore, have bestirred himself to "patch up" Saudi-Egyptian relations as the anonymous Egyptian diplomat reported.Leaving aside for the moment the issue of whether the putative Arab coalition can indeed be forged and effectively serve these various purposes, it should be asked why the Egyptians might have reason to leak this information and whether it is correct, partially or completely overstated, or possibly part of a disinformation campaign.Since January, Sisi's government has been working assiduously to undo the Administrative Court's ruling that overturned his decision to essentially trade the islands for Saudi financial support.Those efforts seem about ready to come to fruition.And indeed, his administration has demonstrated a keen interest in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt, whether through words of praise for their respective leaderships, high level official meetings, tightening of military relations, or intensification of support for the Saudi-led campaign against Houthi forces in Yemen.

So it stands to reason that Trump would very much desire a strong Saudi-Egyptian relationship that could be a core element of the long-discussed, but yet to be fully realized Arab security coalition allied to the US in efforts to contain Iran, Sunni jihadis, Muslim Brothers, threats arising from Arab state collapses, and possibly also growing Russian influence in the region.

Given Trump's notoriously short attention span and his lack of grasp of detail of nearly any subject, especially one as fraught and complex as Saudi-Egyptian relations, it seems inconceivable that he would have been involved in working out the details of the reconciliation.

At most then, he is likely to have expressed a desire for better military cooperation, which the Egyptians are now presenting as a more full-blown mediation effort.

So it becomes essential to provide justification for surrender of Egyptian sovereign territory to the Saudis.

One such justification is that President Trump himself became involved in this relationship, thereby suggesting how vital it is at even a global level.

The National Security Council and the Department of Defense are now under the command of retired generals, implying that military considerations are likely to take on yet greater importance in US policy in general and toward the Middle East in particular, an interpretation certainly supported by Trump's rhetoric.