Error updating locale cisco phone

When using the call list feature on the phone, (all calls, missed etc), the presence state of the particular extension in the list is indicated by an icon on the right hand side of the entry to indicate the extension is online, busy, ringing on a call etc.

error updating locale cisco phone-75

I have a few configs that work with Trixbox and Free PBX (Asterisk 1.8.12 on both) if you need something to compare to.

Im still trying to get the 2way video to work, receiving but not sending.

Apparently visual voicemail is hot for this with the patent (ambulance chasing) lawyers.

Anyway I can PM you my edited copy of the script, should you wish.

Your issue is that your SEP config file is imperfect - the phone will parse the config file and if it finds an error, no matter how minor will reject it and revert to the previous know good config. It does not increase your chances of getting answered, in fact it has the opposite effect because as soon as someone scanning the forums sees a duplicate post they are going to characterize the user as annoying. To get you started I deleted one of you three posts (I am one of the volunteer moderators).

The version is known to have a problem with CIPC on CCM 6.1.2.i.e you will need code as follows for the patch (note this will change for later revision of the patch as Gareth has hardcoded the FMTP into the patch itself I believe, see JIRA for more info).Here is an extract of what you will need to see for extension '100' in the sip_custom_file: Forget any messages about CTL or trust lists, as troy has noted the phone will register fine without a valid CTL. Ataman - Please do not post the same question multiple times, especially in threads that are not completely related.Also I have read through the thread and I probably missed it, who wrote the script and is it available for distribution?If I get the patches done I will wrap all this up in an RPM and distribute it as contributed.I have been trying to use the from cisco's site and was getting no where with it....could see the messages if i used a browser but got the XML Error [4]: Parse Error when trying from the phone. Reading thru the cisco post from your link...everywhere man.