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I don't really want to expand the plugin too much as I fully believe that what it does should be part of the engine already and doing so feels like enabling the lax steam/blueprint sessions support in engine.

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*Edit* this isn't meant to imply that I will not continue to keep the plugin up to date on new engine versions, only that new features are likely to be slow and far between.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Updated 10/24/2017* Plugin now has two modules, one is Advanced Sessions and one is Advanced Steam Sessions, this will allow me to tie more Steam specific functions in without forcing the steam subsystem to be packaged out with projects that don't want it.

06/06/2017 Added in some more missing ULocal Player header includes to 4.15 and 4.16 versions.

05/27/2017 Added back in missing ampersand to Find Friend Sessions Delegate 05/23/2017 Fixed where several variables in the On Player Login Status Changed event were set to be inputs instead of outputs.

Just thought I would give a heads up, but also mention that the guys working on the UWorks plugin in engine are basically doing the total overhaul approach which is what the engine really needs.

And that when they eventually get their subsystem implementation up and running so that it meets the standard workflow for the engine that people should seriously consider the price being worth it.Message to users 09/08/2017 I'd like to note that the original intent of this plugin was to shore up blueprint support for sessions (mainly steam) until Epic fixed the engine integration for them.Its been over 2 years now with little to no appreciable differences in the core Steam/sessions integration in engine and that leaves this plugin somewhat in limbo.02/27/2017 Marking End Session as deprecated It is not only not really useful in blueprints, but people have also been using it wrong.It isn't useful to Steam Subsystem and isn't really useful in blueprints to begin with as its use is vauge, would rather enforce the actual total destruction of the session instead by making users call Destroy Session as is intended.During this mini project I discovered that the Online Subsystem and Sessions interfaces are really lacking with how much of them are currently exposed to Blueprints.