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When I try to open new fb messenger message from the notification dropdown when the phone is locked, the phone is unlocked but the messenger doesn't open up.It just shows the backgroung image and the screen is unresponsive.Dr Damer said that Britons on the island were obsessed by gossip.

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Then i have to touch the back button and it goes to the homepage.Then I have to open the messenger app to see the message.They said that they were hospitable to Dr Damer during his regular visits and are incensed that he has turned on them.They claim he was a regular drinker who became involved in bitter late-night arguments, and on one occasion had a brawl with a Greek islander.On Symi, probably because of the small size of the Brit community, there are no social organisations." He added that the one exception was Symi Animal Welfare, which is run by two or three women and "accurately reflects the eccentric nature of British involvement on the island".

He wrote that Symi contained a large number of Britons "with demonstrable emotional, and alcohol-related, problems.The academic, who is Scottish and aged about 60, is particularly critical of the English."The tenor of this gossip is blatantly chauvinistic, and thoroughly English, as opposed to Scottish, Irish or Welsh in tone: wit and irony are conspicuous by their absence."It is racist, sexist and malicious, and its themes are reproduced endlessly.In the winter months, it can become positively vicious, because Symi virtually closes down," he wrote."Within the whole English-speaking community, it is noteworthy that a central and persistent topic of conversation is the ferry timetables. This timetable angst seems to reflect a Jungian anxiety about not being able to get off the island if necessary.He should, however, think twice before returning to Symi.