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If you’ve been dragging along some old apps from phone to phone for a while now without updating them (either because you don’t update them or because the creator won’t update them) they may not work well with i OS 11.

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Apple has acknowledged a bug that’s preventing some i OS 11 users from sending emails through certain Microsoft-run servers. The message was rejected by the server.” Unfortunately, if this is the case for you, you may have to wait until Apple and Microsoft sort out the issue and use a different device to send those emails.

Control Center is Apple’s handy new way of controlling many aspects of your device, whether that disconnecting from Wi-Fi or quickly switching songs.

It seems that every new version of i OS invariably comes with a whole host of complaints that older i Phones have their battery life severely impacted.

If your battery is dying early and it’s not simply because you’re spending more time playing with all the new features and learning all the new i OS 11 tricks, there are a lot of things that could be at the root of it. You can check to see if that’s the case by going into Settings Battery and seeing which apps are using the most battery.

It’s worth noting that charging your device won’t help cool it down any, so wait until it’s cool to plug it back in.

If your habits haven’t changed and your device is continuously overheating when it didn’t usually before, it may be time for you to consider restoring an earlier backup of your device.You may have heard all abut what Control Center can do only to find that it doesn’t have all those features right there and ready for you when you install i OS 11.Or it it may seem cluttered with tools you don’t think you’ll ever use.To do this, go to Setting General, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, where you’ll see a “Shut down” option that will give you a slider on screen to turn your device off.This is especially handy if you are trying to restart or power down the phone because something else is going wrong, such as overheating.A lot of i OS 11 problems have been addressed in the new i OS 11.1 update, but Apple's software still isn't flawless. Glitches still persist for some users, and while all of them are minor, there are a lot. Your biggest hurdle is that with so many devices, so many carriers, so many various settings you may have ticked that others don't, there are minor problems you and you alone might face with i OS 11. and we'll list it here and direct message you if we find a solution.