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Operations in a relational database act on a complete set of rows.

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Static The complete result set of a static cursor is built in tempdb when the cursor is opened.

A static cursor always displays the result set as it was when the cursor was opened.

Transact-SQL uses the term insensitive for static cursors.

Some database APIs identify them as snapshot cursors.

Transact-SQL cursors are implemented on the server and are managed by Transact-SQL statements sent from the client to the server.

They may also be contained in batches, stored procedures, or triggers.These applications need a mechanism to work with one row or a small block of rows at a time.Cursors are an extension to result sets that provide that mechanism.SQL Server considers both forward-only and scroll as options that can be applied to static, keyset-driven, and dynamic cursors.Transact-SQL cursors support forward-only static, keyset-driven, and dynamic cursors.Static cursors detect few or no changes, but consume relatively few resources while scrolling.