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The centerpiece is the “sobriety priority” which works from the standpoint that, when using, alcohol or other drugs become the main focus in life.

He used these tenets in founding SOS, which advocates taking responsibility for problem drinking and handling it as a separate issue, distinct from any religious or spiritual beliefs.SOS has no structured program, but it has some suggested guidelines for sobriety.But many never “get hooked” and don’t realize (nor are they told in treatment programs) that there are alternative support groups with very different philosophies that might appeal to them.There are more than a few longstanding choices with very different philosophies that exist nationwide.Its 4-point program guides participants in the following areas: (1) building and maintaining motivation; (2) coping with urges; (3) managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and (4) living a balanced life.

SMART Recovery president and clinical psychologist, Tom Horvath, Ph. SMART Recovery also has a youth program and a Family & Friends program.

Working from empowerment, it encourages individuals to recover from addiction (as opposed to being “in recovery” or seeing themselves as having a lifelong “disease”) and is a recognized resource by multiple professional organizations, including the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Although it is an abstinence-based program, SMART Recovery welcomes those who are ambivalent about quitting substance use.

We do believe in healthy dialogue on all topics and we welcome the opinions of our professional contributors.

Page 283 of PDF File link to AA Groups can still come into Gov funded Rehabs but time and space also has to made available for nonreligious self-help groups.

LSR has three fundamental principles: sobriety, secularity, and self-help. It has eight recovery principles based on the biblical beatitudes, each translated into a principle of personal recovery, and provides a Christ-centered, Bible-based recovery program.