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[tags: film review] - I have now read a number of critiques, mostly by anthropologists since they are the people I read the most, about the film "Avatar." These arguments tend to claim that there is a racist theme to the film; in fact, that seems to be about all they see in the film.

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Almost everyday, countless computers and databases are hacked by cyber criminals who are scattered around the globe.

Unknown hackers can range from petty thieves to high level government forces.... Like the Cherokees, an immense number of their people were killed trying to escape.

[tags: historical and literary analysis] - The Birth of Pro-bending By Wonderoasis DISCLAIMER: If you think Avatar: The Last Airbender belongs to me, you are seriously delirious. Come one, come all, and witness-" The cries of the young announcer, barely heard over the enthusiastic screams of the audience, danced around the large arena specifically built for duels....

In other words, I do not own the greatest cartoon series ever. [tags: personal narrative, avatar character] - Technology has undergone a revolution which made humans lives simpler and added many benefits to the world.

Although the settings of the films are over a century apart, there are many similarities in values, themes and plots.... Most Ibo tribes did not have a traditional form of government like most of the world.

Instead, each tribe is governed by a small group of common people with high titles.These titles were earned by accomplishing things, instead of who their ancestors were like in a monarchy.The Ibo were a very independent people, even having their own calender.[tags: Film Review] - As an outcast with dual racial insight into both the human and Avatar life, Jake, has a unique empathy allowing him to critique the effects of colonization on both parties and re-evaluate humanity’s goals.He is able to both witness the human perspective of the world and that of the Na’vi.This calender had four days in a week, seven weeks in a month, and thirteen months in a year (Igbo).