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It’s malleable and holds together beautifully as it stretches into smooth sheets of fresh pasta.

After an unexpected return to the market to exchange the first batch of not-so-hot mushrooms for these aromatic chanterelles, we lost our prime photography light.

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So we added a wee bit of tapioca starch, sweet rice flour, and xanthan gum to infuse that doughy elasticity into our gluten-less pasta, and decided to stay on the safe side by making fussless ravioli.The curiosity of three food bloggers in a kitchen can’t be quelled though, so we fed the last sheet through the pappardelle cutter attachment to see what would happen. This dough is not the delicate lifeless quinoa pasta I’d tried my hand at before.I am a more able, confident, and ambitious girl with big dreams and I want to share that with everyone around the world.Read More Girls Who Code gave me the kind of education you can’t find in a classroom.She told me about the eternity she spent grinding the recipe’s split pea flour by hand, and the unfortunate fate of her broken hand grinder to boot.

This somehow meant the cakes were made with extra love and were decidedly more delicious.She made a joke saying, ‘Why not have a game where you throw tampons at people?’ At first, we laughed, but after talking about menstruation and how embarrassed we were about it, we realized that it could be worth exploring.So we stopped off at the Monterey Market, Country Cheese Coffee Market for ‘shrooms, cheese, and more than a week’s worth of other produce we somehow planned to eat over the course of the day. Then a last-minute visit to 99 Ranch for red bean paste, where despite intentionally leaving her wallet in the car to show restraint, Phi still managed to grab a few more ingredients to spice up the lunchtime pad see ew feast she threw together.The three of us spent the next 11 hours in the kitchen with the hum of the grain mill in the background, bonding over a common interest in food, rare ingredients, photography, light, and our ginger cat band debut, while we covered surface in my kitchen with a thin film of homemade flour.With a week’s worth of e-mail chains looping Alanna of The Bojon Gourmet in on the flour fest, we settled on making homemade chickpea flour ravioli with mushrooms and thyme.