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If you're only checking your statement once a month, someone can start using your card at the beginning of the billing cycle, and they can do a lot of damage before you catch it.

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Today, he's a Web developer at a graphic design company in Rochester, N. He agreed to take an hour with Credit to share his story and his top tips on how to protect yourself. Dan De Felippi: When I was in middle school and high school, I was into what I would call innocent hacking. I was pretty active in online chat rooms where people would talk about this stuff, and I began to realize there was a whole world of credit card fraud where I could make a lot of money with very little effort. Credit Cards.com: You said you bought credit card data online. De Felippi: Every credit card has magnetic stripe on the back with data on it.There are people out there who hack into computers where that data is being stored.Dan De Felippi, who was convicted of credit card fraud and ID theft in 2004, says simply this: You can't be too careful.De Felippi, 29, mostly made fake credit cards with real credit card information he bought online.If a deal is way too good to be true, it's probably a scam and they just want your information.

The more information a website asks for, the more you need to be certain that this is information they really need and it's a legitimate site.We've all heard the standard tips about preventing identity theft and credit card fraud.But what would a real identity thief tell you if he had the chance?Credit cards are much better at protecting you against fraud. De Felippi: You've probably heard this before, but the most important thing really is to watch your accounts.And if you're worried about debt, you can always pay them off every month. And I don't mean just checking your statement once a month.However, the downside is that a lot of merchants require more security for American Express than for other cards.