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Without being able to confide in, share meaningful conversations and doing personal activities apart from sex with your partner, your relationship lacks depth and significance.

The reason is mainly because you’re likely hooking up with someone you’re incredibly attracted to.Physical attraction, after all, is one of the main factors in considering someone for a romantic relationship.Your relationship is merely an agreement between two people to have sex with no strings attached and no feelings involved.Asking or expecting more than sex is a violation of your agreement. So now, whether you've never been in a strictly-sex relationship before or you're considering the idea, here's what you need to know about the physical, psychological, social and emotional risks and consequences of taking part in no-strings nookie: This is the most common risk of being in a f*ck buddy setup.Are you really in it just for sex, or are you hoping to get more out of it?

In no-strings-attached relationships, the fewer expectations you have, the less risks and consequences there may be.Also remember to always wear protection whenever you do the deed.Still, since you are not in a committed relationship with this person, you cannot demand and ensure that he or she does not have sex with anyone else, let alone be 100 percent assured your FWB stays cooties-free whenever he or she does.If protection fails (hoping that you do use protection), you might find yourself in this very challenging and unwanted position.You would have to make decisions on a major responsibility with someone you do not have a meaningful relationship with (yikes! As you put in more time into your casual relationship, you'll become accustomed to shallow connections.Just to be clear, I did not point out all these risks and consequences to discredit hooking up.