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It’s also possible for the module internal electrical connections to fail, leading to loose or open connection.

Some of the hazards present with solar PV arrays include: The purpose of this section is to gain a good understanding of the current condition of the racking attachment methods, racking, and modules.Because the failure of any part of the mechanical system can be caused by a single factor, it is often useful to work through the mechanical system from “top to bottom,” starting at the connection to the roof or ground.On older roof-mounted systems, you may find sealants have degraded, proper roof flashing may not be present, or racking may be constructed in such a way that leaves or other organic materials obstruct the flow of rainwater.Even if evidence of leaks isn’t present, these defects are sure to cause problems in the future, and should be promptly corrected.Concrete may be cracked, or if concrete piers are used, water flows may have eroded supporting soil.

Steel may be rusting, if preservative paints have not been regularly applied.These tests should be completed with full sun, and no shading on any part of the array.Some tests require partially disassembling the array.The solar panel modules themselves should be carefully inspected.Some common problems include cracked glass, bent aluminum frames (if not a frameless module), or major scratches on the front of solar panel modules.Last, consider the possible hazards of the existing wiring on the modules.