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Trans Gender New Hampshire (TG-NH) is an organization created to promote transgender visibility, education, support and civil rights in the state of New Hampshire.

A stunned Kaden reported the interaction to his manager, who allowed him to leave work early that day.

There was no substantive follow-up with Kaden afterward, nor was the offending employee disciplined.

(The couple asked that the children’s real names be withheld to protect their privacy.)“They’re inseparable,” says Brittany.

“Sometimes they can’t stand each other when they’re together, but when they’re away from each other they’re like, ‘Where’s Josh? ’ They miss each other so much.”In addition to raising their family, Kaden, 24, and Brittany, 22, are both continuing their education.

TG-NH provides resources, community building, educational programs and advocacy to assist transgender NH residents, as well as significant others, friends, families, allies and helping professionals.

Our primary goal at TG-NH is to foster acceptance for trans-identified people and to help celebrate the diversity of all gender expressions.

FTM is an acronym for Female to Male, as in a trans person who has crossed from typically feminine to typically masculine gender expression.

We also use the acronym to stand for – For Trans Men, to more widely encompass our potential audience.

Not all forms of media are designed to by everything for everyone.

FTM is, most basically put, a magazine for men who happened to be born and assumed female at birth.

Kaden was working at a local hotel where an employee familiar with his family began gossiping about him being transgender.