Fuckbudy chat

She knows there are other girls in my life, whether I talk about them or not and this affects a lot of little things, like I don't have to make up an excuse for why I can't hang out that night.

I don't have to worry that she found out about another girl and is testing me for a week to see if I'll fess up and then I don't and she Which girl thinks I was where last Saturday, who that girl is that left something flirty on my Facebook wall, who's txting me at 3am, what answer to how many girls I've dated I have to this girl VS that girl, which girl thinks I just got out of a serious relationship and which thinks I've never been in one, which one thinks I'm an astronaut and which one thinks I'm a rocket scientist. There are guys who can handle that and have fun doing it but I figure I'll just mess it up anyway so I'll just be up front from the start.

If you set it from the start, it’s cool, you guys both know what’s up, but most people stumble into a serious relationship and end up in this akward situation where neither side is really having the best sex they could be having.I’ve done the serious relationship thing (almost 2 years) and I found that I’m not in a headspace yet where I can juggle going out and chatting up cute chicks and having a girlfriend.Having a variety of FBs means always running into new stuff, and that’s exciting to me!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . They get jealous when they see or hear about their FB fucking other guys.And nobody gets hurt because they all know I’m off doing my thing elsewhere if I’m not with them.

You can let loose on the things you’ve wanted to try, the chick can let loose on the things she’s wanted to, because neither of you minds if things end.I don’t take any ego hit if I’m not the first to do something with a girl, because I know that I’m going to do it the best haha If I found out her ex-BF tied her up, I’ll tie her up and blindfold her and tease the hell out of her and one-up him.If I found out she was turned on when she once got fingered on a dance floor, I’ll fuck her in a park at night and one-up that experience.I like that I have time for my hobbies and working on my own personal stuff because I’m not routinely meeting up with a girl every night after work for the whole evening because it’s just expected.I like that I can take a month and say "fuck the world" and focus on my own stuff without having to explain that nothing is "wrong".I knew this one chick that loved bondage, and we did a bunch of ridiculous shit…she got a serious BF and a year into it she was telling me how she finally brought up that she might want to be tied up a little, and was baby-stepping him into it.