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HE SAID: Even though we often hear from non-believers about how much the Bible dictates rules for how we “have to live” or what it says we “can’t do,” there are many things God allows for us to determine for ourselves within the parameters and freedom He gives us.

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It indicates how old or young someone should be to be an acceptable mate.[Read: Dating someone younger than you: 12 ways to make it easier] Is the evidence real?Kris has served in ministry in various capacities for the last 25 years.An accomplished trainer and mentor, Kris has a heart to reach and grow leaders so they will in turn reach and grow others.EDITOR'S NOTE: He Said-She Said is a biweekly advice column for singles featuring a question from a reader with responses from a male and female point of view.

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Only by aligning yourself with the one who created you will you fully be able to understand what He wants for you.

No one else can tell you or prescribe for you what is best than God through the Holy Spirit.

So while I do not believe there is any biblical rule on the proper age gap to get married, I do think you have to look down the road, as you age together.

You have to talk about having children, raising children, raising his or her children from another marriage, etc.

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