Gay dating advice second date

Less than two weeks into Zachary Antolak’s You Tube career, he replied to commenters who couldn’t figure out if he was male or female.

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Ask yourself this question: Why is transgender activist Zinnia Jones so obsessively concerned with Laci Green’s dating life?

Could it be — and I’m just throwing this out there as a possible explanation — that the SJW community is against heterosexual relationships, ?

It hit me like a bullet: I am a staunch liberal Democrat.

I started to panic, fearing he could be Paul Ryan disguised as Ben Affleck.

Even if I were even lucky enough for him to be interested in me, the political lines were drawn.

Could I really date someone who was a conservative?

Now, this is fascinating, because this is usually the exact opposite of how things normally go in this sphere of You Tube.” Maldonado’s fans believe love conquers all, but my reaction to the so-called #Green Ray Gun romance was skeptical: Does it seem plausible to you that Laci Green, hitherto an enthusiastic feminist proponent of masturbation, dildos and lesbianism, has for some reason now decided it’s OK to become a man’s “sex object”?

Has she repudiated all her previous condemnations of male sexuality?

Until I realized, with the help of a wise friend, that the problem wasn't about politics.

Zachary Antolak, a/k/a “Zinnia Jones,” a/k/a “Satana Kennedy,” a/k/a “Lauren Mc Namara” is a transgender activist and Internet pornographer who has a verified “blue check” Twitter account, @ZJemptv.

Or could it be that he is just a more-or-less normal guy who feels no need to apologize to SJW feminists for being a normal guy?