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A diagnosis of autism does not eradicate the desire in adults for intimacy, it’s present and we being communication specialists can work with them to fulfill it by helping them in building up there self-confidence, appropriate intonation pattern and tone while initiating conversation, use of word choices, interpreting non-verbal communication, engaging in unfamiliar topics of conversations and managing social anxiety.

Adults on the autism spectrum and with Asperger’s Syndrome are often very intelligent and have extraordinary talent.

Ladyboys are nothing less than women, who deserve to be respected and treated as such, and deserve a decent dating site where they can meet sincere men.What makes My Ladyboy Date so special, is that our team is essentially made of ladyboys.So, as an ice-breaker, the conversations can be initiated about their skills and talents, which will help them in thinking that they aren’t different.These steps will help in better topic initiations, maintenance and successful conversations Working with Joel and other adults on the spectrum has taught me a lot about helping them with their communication.I know many adults like him are struggling and trying to be accepted in the society.

Appropriate intervention, planning, practice and help can lead to successful relationships and wellbeing. A little patience and encouragement goes a long way.Hence, the prospect of being in love and seeking love is beyond reach for me.” I also noticed that he had a hard time differentiating between a stare and a fleeting glance, a smile and a continuous extended smile, a touch and a hug, which could be considered as a part of expression or an important aspect of being in a relationship.Due to the sensory difficulties with tolerating physical affection (hugs and kisses), it’s difficult for him to express his feelings readily.Acceptance in society and being able to function at a normal level is the key to building relationships, dating, marrying and starting a family for adults with autism and adults with Asperger's Syndrome.The biggest challenge these adults face is that they are perceived as not seeking emotions, love and are categorized as being insensitive.While sharing his experience, he said he was often intimidated by the girl and due to his lack of confidence, at times this aggravated the situation further.