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Hindus who fled the area have told AFP that masked men stormed into their community that day and hacked victims to death with machetes before dumping them into freshly-dug pits.

Speaking to media on the army-led press trip, Maung Ba, a 32-year-old Hindu, said several of his relatives were among those brutally murdered.'I identified them based on their clothes and body shape,' he said solemnly.

We said yes, to save our lives.'All four women said they were taken to Rohingya Muslim camps inside Bangladesh by the attackers.

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Ni Maul, a Hindu leader who has helped with the search, said authorities found the graves using testimony from eight Hindu women who were spared and brought to Bangladesh after they agreed to convert to Islam.'They kept the beautiful eight women alive to marry,' he said.

Four Hindu women displaced in Bangladesh told AFP they were among the eight who escaped the massacre in the same area of Kha Maung Seik, with eight children in tow.'We begged for our lives, asking they spare the women,' 22-year-old Bina Sheel told AFP at a small village for Hindu refugees in the Bangladeshi border district of Cox's Bazar.'They asked if we would marry them.

The newly-weds, who both work for an interfaith organisation, have now flown off to Miriam's hometown of Texas to spend the rest of their lives together.

Kalavati said: 'I met Miriam when I was approximately 26 years old.'I went to America on a training course and we were doing diversity work and training and that's where I met Miriam Jefferson.'Marriage is very important to me.

The UN has accused troops of systematically evicting the Rohingya, who have faced decades of persecution in the mainly Buddhist country.

Rights groups accuse troops of using arson to force the Rohingya out and block their return, a charge the army denies, accusing the Muslim minority of burning down their own homes.

I wanted me and Miriam to join in that union.'The lifelong Hindu also told of the nerves she felt before revealing to her family that she was in a relationship with another woman.

She added: 'My family have embraced Miriam very well.'It was initially very difficult for me as an Asian gay woman.

It really is something that's truly wonderful.'We did have a Jewish wedding earlier in San Antonio in Texas, which was in February.'It's really nice to now have a Hindu wedding here, because it brings both of us together and completes both of us in my eyes.'Speaking about the first time they met, Miriam added: 'You're working very hard on these courses and going to meetings, leading groups and making plans..'I was glad to meet her but my focus was on doing the work.

It was always very important to Kalavati to get married.'Because her traditions and her culture are so important to her, it was important to me.

The army and government have also sought to highlight the suffering of other ethnic groups swept up in the unrest, such as Rakhine Buddhists and Hindus.