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In Croatia, the political class deliberately sidetracks the root causes of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.

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What strikes one, however, is that the ongoing large ethno-racial replacement — if one were to use more specific words — goes virtually unreported in the Croatian media.Afro-Asian migration is being covered as an incident that will miraculously stop by itself. They are aware that the migration flows are destined to reach the lala-land of plenty, i.e., Germany, and not come to a final stop in Croatia.Certainly, in the 1990s the Europeanist ideas carried some prestige in Croatia.Today, however, similar to other member states, Croats are becoming disillusioned.The more accurate phrase, namely “War of Croatia’s Liberation from Communism and against Yugoslavia” has never been used.

There is a considerable difference, however, between these labels.Oglasnici, Croatia-osobni oglasnik,poznanstva,osobni kontakti,prodaja kupovina automobila,zaposlenja.... * * * Since the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, Croats have faced an ill-defined identity. What follows is the English translation of my piece originally written in French for a French publication.Their recent war of secession, awkwardly called the “Patriotic War” and “War of Defense,” lends itself to serious legal misconceptions. HSS nije sudjelovao u rasturanju gradske vlasti i idemo istog obraza.