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CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Written by Jeff Nathanson 1 INT. - DAY 1 BLACK AND WHITE FOOTAGE FROM 1978 MUSIC UP: A simple GAME SHOW SET -- one long desk-that houses four "CELEBRITY PANELISTS," a small pulpit with attached microphone for the host, BUD COLLYER, who walks through the curtain to the delight of the audience. By the time I was caught and sentenced to prison, I had cashed over six million dollars in fraudulent checks in 26 foreign countries and all fifty states, and I did it all before my 18th birthday. Bud bows and waves to the celebrities -- ORSON BEAN, KITTY CARLISLE, TOM POSTON, and PEGGY CASS. To this day, I am the only teenager ever to have been placed on the FBI' s most wanted list. Warm applause as the THREE MEN walk behind a desk that faces the pa They all sit down at exactly the same time. JOE SHAYE Don't worry, Frank, you just have to make it through one more night. This is my son, Frank, he needs (MORE) (CONTINUED) Debbie Zane - 5 11. Frank needs to borrow a suit for a couple of hours.

takes a small GOLD NECKLACE OUT OF HIS POCKET, holds it up to the glass.

- DAB O 14 The Cadillac is parked somewh Frank, now wearing a BLACK SUIT a his father gets out of the car andclimbs into the back seat FRANK SR.

JOE SHAPE If I give you another twenty, will you turn up the heat in here? They pass CEMENT DOORS with metal SLIDE HOLES and numbers taped to the front. Joe tries to control his excitement as he kneels down and looks through the metal slide hole. Frank is lying on the cement floor, his back up against the far wall.

There are no bars or windows in this area, and complete silence. He wears only a pair of underwear and clutches a torn blanket. I heard about French prisons, but this is positively barbaric.

Laughter from the men in the room as Frank continues. (cont'd) I stand here today humbled by the presence of Mayor Allen, and our club President, Jack Wright. PAULA You're a better dancer than your father, Frankie.

Frank is lifted onto one of the beds, his legs and arms flailing out to the sides, kicking a thin curtain out from the wall. Garren and the Guard quickly move toward a sink, where they start to wash their hands. Joe Shaye stands motionless, staring down in horror at the empty bed. Frank stops crawling, rolls over on his back and smiles up at Joe Shaye. In all those years, we have only inducted a handful of deserving men as lifetime members, an honor that has seen 187 names enshrined on the wall of honor. So please stand, as I present my good friend, Frank William Abagnale. Gentleman, as of this moment, I am that second mouse. - DAY 10 A tree lined, picture ce of suburbia, with large homes splashed with snow, Ca n the driveways and kids sledding in the street. - FRANK'S HOUSE CHRISTMA4ER2MF , - DAY 11 DEAN MARTIN is singing EVERYBOD SOMEBODY on the radio, as Frank Sr. in the middle of the DEN, Frank is dancing with his mother, who is holding a glass of wine as she dances. Paula, show him the dance you were doing when we met.

STANT WARDEN GARREN The doctor p fnl'sf in the morning. Suddenly Garren looks past Shaye -- eyeing the curtain that partially encloses Frank's bed. 8 CONTINUED: 8 a thin smile on his lips as he tries to move his starved legs toward the main door. FRANK ABAGNALE, 15, a BUCKLEY PRIVATE SCHOOL BLUE BLAZER AND WHITE PANT with his mother, PAULA, 33, at a center table near themes Paula is a stunning blonde dressed in diamonds and and since she's the only woman in the room -- she's getti t of attention. So they cram two hundred soldiers into this tiny social hall, and the first person to walk on stage is your mother. Paula steps away from Frank, and she starts to dance a ballet, smiling as she tries to remember the steps. (cont'd) It had been months since we had even seen a woman, and here's this blonde angel on stage -- and the men are literally holding their breath. FRANK (imitating his father) I will not lea France without her. As Frank runs off, Paula drops to her knees and scrubs the stain with the hem of her dress.

This man is going t tradited to the United State am holding you responsible if ant happens! - CONTINUOUS 8 The prison ALARM has sent every prisoner to the front of their cells, where they see Frank stumbling through the prison -- (CONTINUED) Debbie Zane - 5 7. NEW JERSEY 1964 A smoke filled oak dining room packed with CLUB MEMBERS -- HUNDREDS OF MIDDLE AGED WHITE MEN wearing black suits and holding long cigars as they drink from brandy glasses. PAULA (CONT'D) Whenever I dance for you, I get in trouble.

Garren stops at the last cell and opens the SLIDE HOLE. WE HEAR a sound come fr)dthe cell, and then heavy coughing.

WARDEN GARREN Don't pass him anything through the HOLE- Garren walks off, and Joe immediately starts to smile, looking around for a long BEAT as he stares at the cell door.

BUD COLLYER Hello, panel, and welcome everyone to another exciting day on "To Tell The Truth." Let's get the show started. BUD COLLY (cont'd ) Okay, panel, you have ork cut out for you. KITTY CARLISLE Imposter number one, how many years were you in prison? - DAY 3 Joe is walking down a long corridor inside the prison, struggling to close his umbrella as he faces WARDEN GARREN and TWO GUARDS. And then tomorrow I'll help you onto a plane, clean you up, and put you in a cell for the next twenty-five years. 5 CONTINUED: 5 INSIDE THE CELL CLOSE ON FRANK ABAGNALE JR.