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While living in our small house, I spent many happy hours contemplating the various ways I could open up walls, add windows, bump things out and maximize storage space.I was very content with our small house, but I wanted it to live larger and function better.A fun new trend is to add wallpaper (or removable wallpaper) to the stair risers to add a punch of personality to a staircase!

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Updating your utility room is an easy way to enhance your daily routine. If you’re not a big risk taker, choose a neutral color palette for your walls and floor and liven up your space with colorful artwork, accessories or fun-patterned linens. Following are a few wallpapers we love that would work well on this project.Some are even removable so there isn't a fear of commitment involved!It doubled our living space in mild weather and was so much more charming than a worn patch of grass.

Old houses and small houses always seem to be lacking in storage. Simply removing some non-load bearing walls can really open things up.Not only that, these ideas are a sure way to drastically improve the look of your outdated (or just boring) stairs!If you're looking for a functional update to your slick wood stairs, then stair tread sets may be a good alternative!Vault a ceiling to make a room more spacious and dramatic. We believe in homes that are a perfect reflection of the people who live inside.I loved dreaming up ideas for my little house that would solve all of its problems but retain its charm.