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Given the wind-tunnel results of plastic surgery as seen on the likes of Joan Rivers, not to mention the prospect of a general anaesthetic, scars and months of recovery, it’s not surprising that a full-on facelift is about as popular as last year’s It-bag.

After all, if you want to pretend your ever-youthful looks are down to yoga and water, it doesn’t do to be seen to look as if you’ve had serious work. The new ‘One-Stitch Facelift’ is a minimally invasive, super-sneaky way to lift cheeks and jowls, reduce double chins and tighten saggy necks.

Before I underwent the procedure Angelica told me: ‘If you don’t like the result, it’s reversible, because I can cut the strings and in time your face will go back to how it used to be.’I’ll be keeping my new face, thank you very much.

But I’m not sure I’ll be in a hurry to see that giant needle again.

After a consultation in her Harley Street office, we go to the operating room.

Angelica injects me at the temples and down the cheeks with local anaesthetic, which stings but is bearable.

Even worse, as everything is so close to my ear, I can hear the knots and cones moving under my flesh — a sort of grinding sound, like the tide over pebbles.

Then the thread is attached to the muscle at my temple, and the tiny incision is closed with a stitch.

The thread is made of non-biodegradable polypropolene.

It stays in the skin for ever, but Angelica promises me it has been used safely in surgery for decades.

I tried Botox on my lower face to try to freeze the muscles that pull down the jowls, but that gave me a distorted ‘Joker’ smile.