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Now specifically with Paula, May is disapproving of her relationship with a construction worker named Darren.

Not only does May think his occupation makes him beneath Paula, he's also a married man.

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Competition between mother and daughter for the same (trashy) lover is probably pretty rare also.When it does happen, a film about it is probably justified.Mum is a sympathetic character but she makes all the wrong choices, and behaves pretty selfishly, though we do get an inkling as to why.She wouldn't be the first Mum to kick over the traces after a long marriage to a dominant partner.A group of English gay men get together to reminisce.

They are all coming from a wake for one of their circle who's died of AIDS.Shortly after Toots and May arrive in London to visit with their grown children Bobby and Paula and their respective children, Toots falls ill and dies.Toots' death brings to the surface the underlying strain that has always existed between May and both of her two children, and the unhappy lives they have all led.But we wind up feeling sorry for her daughter rather than Mum because she gets done over, not because she is otherwise sympathetic.The trouble with movies like this that, though they are true to life and emotionally convincing, they leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Well, families are dangerous places and the majority of murders are committed by a member of the victim's families, but relatively speaking murder is a rare crime.Paula's son Jack is played by twins Carlo Kureishi and Sachin Kureishi. They look and act so much alike, that Nicolas Gaster had trouble telling them apart in the editing room.