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This article is adapted from a lecture given by John J Mearsheimer at the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt in Munich on October 28-30 2004, commemorating the centenary of Hans Joachim Morgenthau’s birth. Morgenthau – The Heritage, Challenge, and Future of Realism” For a short biography and summary of Hans Morgenthau's work, see the box at the foot of this article The neo-conservative case: military power The dispute about whether to go to war in Iraq was between two competing theories of international politics: realism and the neo-conservatism that underpins the Bush doctrine.

To understand the realist case against Iraq, it is necessary first to lay out the neo-conservative strategy that the realists were challenging.

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Some are real, some not, but leaders on both sides say it’s leading to a dangerous escalation of tensions.

Although it's certainly not its only function, the army's Criminal Investigation Command has seen its caseload boom with complaints from women who say they've been scammed by thieves passing themselves off as American soldiers.

We can never know for sure and it would be foolish to say with total certainty that Morgenthau would have opposed the Iraq war.

Nevertheless, given his theory of international politics, his opposition to the Vietnam war and the parallels between the two conflicts, it is highly likely.

Neo-conservative theory – the Bush doctrine – is essentially Wilsonianism with teeth.

The theory has an idealist strand and a power strand: Wilsonianism provides the idealism, an emphasis on military power provides the teeth. Military has added a new line to our defense budget: Internet dating scam prevention.By posing as troops stationed in countries like Iraq or Afghanistan, these scammers profess their undying love to hapless consumers on internet dating sites, the Daily Finance's Loren Berlin reported. Denise Tarramorse shared her story with the site: "Tarramorse, a teacher in California and a self-described 'hugely pro-military person,' was excited when she met Peter Genthe online through 'I have a college degree and a master's degree,' explains Terramorse. But the thought that this could be a scam never crossed my mind ... Christopher Grey, chief of public affairs for the Criminal Investigation Command, told the site his office receives thousands of complaints from heartbroken and infuriated consumers. Military base addresses look different than residential addresses.Here are the red flags Grey says you should look out for: They want cash sent to Africa. If a scammer sends you a mailing address for cash, be sure to double check its validity with someone who would spot a fake, like a military officer.Recently though, the job’s been getting more dangerous thanks to the Kurdish independence referendum.