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Because their empire was extensive, including Palestine and Syria, as well as Mesopotamia, and because they traded with all the peoples of the Mediterranean, they spread the Mesopotamian traditions, including the legal heritage, throughout the region.

However, they were soon supplanted in the central part of Mesopotamia, including the city of Babylon, by the Kassites, who renamed the city and built a new capital city, called Durkurigalzu.

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Hammurabi believed in capital punishment and made all the serious crimes punishable by death.

Builders who did a poor job were subject to the death penalty if a house they built fell and killed the owner; if it was the son of the owner who was killed, the builder’s son was executed (articles 229-230).

Experience with the ups and downs of legal proceedings also showed in article 5, on judges, which required that if a judge had made an error in a decision presented in writing that had imposed a fine, then he must pay twelve times the amount in question, in addition to being removed from the bench.

The Code covered all aspects of law, reflecting the society of its time, including marriage and family relations, property, robbery and other crimes, minimum daily wage, purchase and sale of slaves and owner obligations to slaves, and even the fees charged by doctors, lawyers, and accountants.

[2] In the 24th century BCE, [3] Sargon of the city of Akkad called himself the King and ruled over a large part of what is today Iran, Syria, and Turkey, as well as Iraq.

His governance represents the first true empire, as he controlled a large region inhabited by various peoples.The Code itself consisted of 282 provisions, following a preamble thanking the gods and praising Hammurabi.The legal system it outlined established a society divided into classes, with complex social relations and harsh punishments.The Kassites dominated the immediate area from 1530 to1170 BCE.While very little is known about their origins, [11] some legal texts from the Kassite period have been discovered.The Code established the "an eye for an eye" standard, with no extenuating circumstances foreseen. Kassite Dynasty Legal Documents (16th-12th centuries BCE) Hammurabi’s dynasty came to an end when the Hittites invaded from Turkey, around 1600 BCE.