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Hobgoblin's Sinister Seven consists of Beetle, Electro, Mysterio, Scorpia, Shocker, and Vulture. Spider-Man saves Kaine from being executed; the two then work together and defeat the Sinister Seven.

When police surround the building, the other members of the Sinister Six agree to serve Doctor Octopus in exchange for his helping them escape.

The assembled Sinister Six go off on a rampage, stealing advanced weapons and technology from several sources, including an alien dimension and a facility specializing in cybernetics.

After his tentacle pack breaks free and helps Doctor Octopus get out of prison, he contacts every known supervillain who had crossed paths with Spider-Man.

Only Vulture, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, the original Mysterio, and Sandman respond.

While the adult Avengers are dealing with the eruption of Mount Etna, Tigra and the Avengers Academy students learn that Electro has broken into a French lab.

Once on the scene, the students discover that Electro is accompanied by the rest of the Sinister Six.

The Sinister Six is a group of supervillains appearing in Spider-Man comic books published by Marvel Comics. The original incarnation of the group was organized by Doctor Octopus.

After suffering three defeats in a row from Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus is separated from his tentacle pack.

Osborn contacts a group of supervillains who also bear grudges against Spider-Man, all of whom had been financed by Osborn's fortunes for years.

Eager to retaliate, the villains agree to band together, and the Sinister Twelve is formed.

However, this was a trick, part of a larger plan by which Octavius alone would be the master of the world.