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"You can get a sense of the person's thoughts, feelings, and style of communication....Online chat can sprout real-life romances that begin with surprisingly honest communication and realistic expectations, traits many relationships lack at first." Honesty is what most appealed to California resident John Dwyer about the online approach.

Her service recommends that the decision to meet always be mutual and a natural process of the online relationship.The Dwyer's first date evolved after six weeks getting acquainted online.While comparative statistics aren't available, the Singles Press Association did report recently that business has dipped 25 percent for such off-line services.That doesn't ruffle Zelda Fischer, who during her 20 years as a matchmaker in Boston has insisted on a highly personalized approach.But they might consider a more traditional route - hiring a company that handpicks dates such as "Let's Go Dutch!

" in Philadelphia or "Lunch Dates" in Boston, for instance.

Can denizens from Mars and Venus really connect in cyberspace?

There are no guarantees you'll meet a man as successful as Hanks or a woman as adorable as Ryan.

It's the only way." Longtime marriage counselors Beatty and Elliott Cohan would agree that there's no substitute for looking someone in the eye.

"Online dating is a dangerous and totally impersonal shortcut," says Ms.

"I could tell after a while that he wasn't just someone trying to land a fish." Dating cautions "You have to be careful, even when you meet someone through friends," adds John.