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As a child, I was taught that I would marry a Jew, as well.

Sure, as a Jew, I heavily prepared for my Bat Mitzvah...learning Hebrew, writing a speech, connecting with God and what not.But Hebrew school taught me nothing about what really matters in life - boys.And even though there are perks to marrying "within the tribe," I am not going to limit myself to the Jared Rosendiamonds and the Noah Steinbergs of the world.And don't worry..joke isn't offensive because I am also Jewish.Cinnabun is good but wait til you've tried There's just something about a big Jewish family that is so warm and loving.

My mom will probably immediately ask you to cook with her in the kitchen for Yom Kippur break-fast and my uncle will offer you a glass of wine (or four).

By Ellen Baskin Being Jewish in America means different things to different people in different places.

Jewishness is often felt as an identification with an ethnic and cultural group as much as with a religious faith.

And if you're all about Ramadan or Kwanza, you can still count me in!

(Just let me know what the dress code is so I can plan months in advance.)It is no secret that Jewish families know how to throw a party. You'll get to do the , and maybe at our wedding, you'll get to be lifted in the chair. I can promise you that my family wants to be tight with your family. Of course, all of the previously listed reasons are futile without the main reason to be with someone: Love. All I've ever wanted was a relationship like my parents' - full of love, trust, and friendship.

Oddly enough, religion has no effect on financial attitudes :-) I am actually obsessed with Christmas..Christmases always consisted of Chinese food and a movie, so it should be no surprise that I am eager to be a part of your traditions, too.