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Originally I was going to return to Taiwan but have a look behind me." The entire airport was empty, there weren't even any workers at the counter.

Originally Jiro was going to return to Taiwan on April 19 but due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, he has become stranded.

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Jiro Wang: "But I'm still fine you see, full of energy, full of energy." However, the filial Jiro mentioned that he does miss his mother.As soon as he found out he had to stay an extra 5 days, he rang home to let his mother know that he was okay.He’s also got lingering images from his roles in Happy Life and Hwang Jini.Those cherished memories of one’s youthful past have all been marred by the ex-boyfriend.Like Park Shin-hye, Jang Geun-seok is experiencing a rise in popularity leading the drama You’re Beautiful.

In fact, he’s basking in the CF offers that have been rolling in recently, thanks to the drama.

The delayed flight back home has caused Jiro and his hair and make-up artists' other work to be postponed as well so nobody has the mood to spend their time having fun.

Each day they come to the airport, hoping that they can return to Taiwan soon.

He’s already been featured in numerous CFs (SK Telecom’s Samsung phone, Etude House, Black N Jean), but he adds to that with a new contract to promote coffee for Dongsuh Foods, which he adds to a growing list of communications, clothing, and food brands he will also endorse.

According to Jang’s management, he’s mulling over his options carefully: “He’s putting some effort into choosing products that match well with his personality and character in the drama and as an actor.” He’s fortunate in that he has portrayed a variety of images thus far, so he’s not necessarily locked into his trendy idol image in his current role; he recently portrayed a dangerous murder suspect in the well-received thriller Itaewon Murder Case and a genius musician in Beethoven Virus.

TAIPEI: Chubby singer Lin Yu-chun got booted out of Taiwan talent show "One Million Star", just days after he shot to international fame due to a series of You Tube videos that got people calling him 'The Male Susan Boyle'. " asked judge David Huang, after Lin's lackluster performance.