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Corey shared the information with friends, but everyone, including Haim’s pal Corey Feldman, was AFRAID to point the finger at Charlie.Through the years Charlie either threatened or paid off (millions!She didn’t waste a minute of her time during their separation – single Chloe made seven movies.

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The shows are fun watching and children and teenagers and people of all ages will enjoy the show.

If you like comedy and soap operas you should like this DVD.

She was in the Disney Channel Games 2008 on the green team.

She has guest starred in Wizards of Waverly Place and Summerland.

JONAS star Chelsea Staub plays Stella, the boys' best friend and stylist. Chelsea: I would describe them as wonderful people. You know those guys in school that are just like always nice and get straight A's and open your door and are probably on student council and on the football team? Then while I was plotting my revenge for the dressing room prank, the boys actually got me a second time. " They went all out as far as hiding cameras and hiring actors to help with the prank and it's the second time I've almost cried.

She dished exclusively to J-14 about what the Jonas Brothers are really like, on-set pranks, going to the boys' first concert, and more! That's the Jonas Brothers and then just add really, really good looks and a lot of talent! J-14: The show seems really similar to your real life because you know the brothers as more than just rock stars, just like Stella. I first met the boys two years ago before they had been on the Hannah Montana tour, before their first album had even come out, before "S. S." had even hit the radio, and so when I first met them, they were just kids to me that I had seen on My Space. Now that it's on film, apparently it's going to show up somewhere. I know it's a little strange to get used to, but thanks for making the best of it ... And, I lost my verification when I changed my name, but working to get it back. People struggled with pronouncing and spelling 'Staub.' Got tired of 'Stab' and 'Stub,' so "Chelsea Kane" makes life simpler.Actually it was the egomaniacal actor who exposed HIMSELF.Today Portia de Rossi tweeted about an incident that happened when she was a young actress and auditioned for a Steven Seagal movie. She got out of there fast, and was disappointed when she told her agent what happened and he was “unfazed.” Photo Credit: AKM-GSI NOW we all know why Charlie Sheen has been SO quiet during the eye-opening Harvey Weinstein scandal!I first saw one of their shows in Arizona and I bought my tickets at the door the day of. I dragged a couple of friends along from my hometown and said, "You've gotta see them! " I remember we were back talking to them on their tour bus and my friends were like, "Oh hey, what's up? Â J-14: We read that Joe played a prank on you by taking all of your stuff out of the dressing room? It will be somewhere because the evidence is on film.