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"Everything I say is true, unless you're going to sue me," she said, right after calling Renée Zellweger a sweaty, puffy coke whore. "That was such an afterthought to put in the book," she says."People always ask me if I've ever slept with anyone famous.

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Instead of rubbing celebrities the wrong way on the red carpet, she's signing autographs at after-parties.

D-lightful The first time you see Kathy Griffin, you might just prattle on about how funny she was on , a reality show (hosted by CNN anchor and Griffin's recent on-air New Year's date Anderson Cooper).

I'll be passing it all along." On With the Show It's what she does — wandering with and near Hollywood celebrities and bringing her sordid, foul-mouthed tales to theaters across America.

And the hit show might be the fancy coat everybody compliments, but the stand-up routine is the dutiful coat rack it hangs on day after day.

"Let me tell you something, he spills," Griffin says of her new love.

"This one is pissed off at Sarah Palin and talking about it.

There was a time when Griffin didn't know if her show would work on stage. It shouldn't rely on a certain style." Griffin is honest enough to say she hasn't got a clue if she's ever been to Charleston before.

"I sort of came up in the brick-wall era of stand up," she says. I would tell these stories, and I'd say, 'Oh my gosh, did you see this on the news yesterday,' Or I'd be like, 'I worked with this celebrity, and this is what they're really like.' " With her unique act, Griffin started performing in small theaters instead of nightclubs, later translating the show for a club audience. "I tour so much I'm like a foul-mouthed Britney Spears, who may or may not be receiving helpful medication," says Griffin, who is sure to get a dig in within the same breath of any celebrity she names. Griffin had already been booked as a guest host on The View for the day after Rosie O’Donnell’s surprise exit following a fight with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

"I did Rachael Ray's show last week, and I actually heard the audience audibly gasp," Griffin says.

"I don't feel like I've really done my job until a couple of people walk out and I hear gasping." She'll be the first to cop to comedic license, but Griffin's red-carpet battle scars lend a bit of authenticity to her routine.

There were the faux dates with D-list dudes in an attempt to get publicity.