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Queer Theory is a set of ideas based around the idea that identities are not fixed and do not determine who we are.

Despite initial criticism for its particular portrayal of homosexuals, the show aired for eight years and won numerous awards.

In the British version of the show “Queer as Folk” in 1999, and the American version of it in 2001-2005; gay men were portrayed as mostly mainstream looking, however, leading very promiscuous lives.

This research contributed to theory by closing the gap in knowledge regarding lesbian representation evolution in the media.

Additionally, the research added to knowledge by creating a change in the perception of Queer theory, while portraying this theory as irrelevant when it comes to describe lesbians’ representation in the media as approaching the mainstream.

Thus, a change in the perception of Queer as a social phenomenon will occur, by understanding that ‘queer’ is no longer a sexual oriented definition.

Within modern society adopting a culture that advocates for individuality and uniqueness, being queer can no longer be considered as being whatever is at odds with the normal.Additionally, theoretical and media analysis were conducted, as well as anonymous questionnaires, convenience sample focus group and structured interviews.The data was collected concurrently or sequentially and later given a priority and involve the integration of the data at one or more stages in the process of the research.It is worth noting that the Lesbian characters above were either transgender who were murdered at the end, or a murderous hooker and were based on a true story.The first prime-time gay oriented television show, which was aired in the United States from 1998 – 2006, was the sitcom “Will and Grace”.Visit for more related articles at Arts and Social Sciences Journal This article aims to show the integration of Lesbians in a western context through all types of mainstream media such as film, prime-time television shows and Internet based web series.