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Since then, I would say I regularly masturbate maybe three times a week, whenever I have free time in my bed really. It's empowered me to take control of my body and dictate when and how I experience pleasure. Or sometimes when I'm texting my friends in the group chat I'll be like, "brb gonna go mb." It's completely normal.

"My mom told me once that she saw me playing with myself when I was a toddler, but the first time I can remember masturbating was in my early teens, maybe 13 or 14. It was pretty clumsy, and I recall being more embarrassed and worried that someone would walk in on me than focused on pleasure. It's nice to be able to take pleasure into your own hands... Now that I'm 18, I bought myself a vibrator." — Jill, 1810. I usually start off reading sexy stories on Tumblr or porn websites, hump my pillow, and then start to use my hand.I've never talked to anyone about masturbating because I feel like I'd get judged for doing it.I just use my hand, and usually if I'm in the mood to do it, I really don't need to think about anything else to help.It makes me feel proud that I'm secure enough with myself and my body to do it.I just tend to use clitoral stimulation because it's foolproof for me and it's what I am most comfortable with at the moment." — Jackie, 196.

"I was 19 years old and had just gotten out of a pretty bad relationship.There's so many good things that come from having an orgasm so why wouldn't you?You've got to learn what you like and figure yourself out before someone else can." — Annaka, 17 5. I had my first orgasm, and after that, it became something I had to do every night.However, now that I'm entering college and defining who I am, I am realizing that it isn't something I should be ashamed of. The feminist in me has given me the ability to feel empowered and in control of myself and what I want each time it happens." — Malia, 183."I use my hand, read sexy stories, and fantasize about past experiences.I had no idea at that time what it even meant, but handy ol' Google quickly filled me in. Each time I did it, I was ashamed that it happened and wished that it didn't.