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The worst ones reflect a terrible clichéd idea of gender and how to treat women that (hopefully) wouldn't fly now.Pretty much the only thing I agree with Harry about is that Sally is fantastic. As Sally says to Harry, "You are a human affront to all women, and I am a woman." Here are some of the so, so, so, so wrong things this retro Lothario says.

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This is when we find out that Sally is a bit whiny with a streak of OCD and Harry fancies himself as a brooding intellectual. I spend hours, I spend days…"After winding her up with his dark philosophy of life, they part company until five years later, when they end up on the same flight, bickering - then five more, after which they bond on the matter of failed relationships.They become friends, even though Harry doesn't really believe that men and women can be "without the sex part getting in the way"."Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan don't look like they were made to be together, and with the bad '70s hair they're sporting when they first meet, their chances of hooking up with anyone at all look slim.Of course, this is destiny, and it all starts with them car-pooling from college in Chicago to their new lives in New York.They agreed that Harry would still be a political consultant and currently working for New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Ryan and Crystal also recalled one of the movie's most iconic scenes in the diner when Ryan's character explained to Harry how women fake orgasms. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, who famously played friends turned lovers in the 1989 romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally," reunited Monday in New York.The actors posed for a pic together after honoring the film's director, Rob Reiner, who was named the 41st recipient of the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Chaplin Award.As seen when he hustles his way into a plane seat next to Sally, who clearly does not want a bar of this. Plus, it's just not borne out in the movie that Sally's uptight. When Harry and Sally are shopping for a housewarming present for Jess and Marie, he thinks a pith helmet would be just the thing. Now that I think about it, there might have been a gold-plated one in last year's GOOP gift guide. Shortly after the pith helmet nonsense, Harry spies his ex-wife, Helen. Even though it's been a while since they broke up, you can tell the meeting has shaken Harry. You'd feel sorry for him about all this awkwardness, but then he starts saying how "weird" Helen looks. I personally love it when guys tell me I'm uptight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing she seems to be uptight about is strange men skulking around (clue: the man is always Harry), which seems kind of fair to me. We've all been there—fooling ourselves into thinking an ex looks gross. wish to GTFO after "doing it" (as Marie and Jess, played by Bruno Kirby, would say).