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I’m also on but I feel like 90% of the guys are looking for women who are anything but full-figured.So now I’m looking for other possibilities, realizing that a site geared towards larger people might be what I need. Update: I joined Plenty of Fish, hoping I could avoid paying for the bbw site and I started talking to this guy pretty soon and things were going well and then I said, "You do know I'm fat, right?We are one of the most trusted networks of high paying affiliate programs because we are able to offer higher dividends to our program members.We have helped our affiliate program members monetize their websites and earn money online quickly and reliably.You joined our lesbian site, which is not your sexual preference. This is absolutely a violation of our community rules because we do not allow any man on a lesbian site," wrote Dupuis.

"You are NOT a lesbian therefore you cannot and will not be a part of our lesbian community."Brian Brown, chief technical officer for Tango Wire, confirmed that the company does not allow transgender people to create profiles on the site.When asked why identifying as transgender would exclude someone from identifying as bisexual and placing a personal ad on a bisexual dating site, Brown reiterated that Tango Wire's site does not accommodate transgender people."It's that T side [in LGBT] that we have not been able to fully accommodate within our program.When he registered with Bisexual Dating he assumed he was signing onto a completely new site, but in fact the profiles for each site are linked to one massive database, meaning that someone on one of the bisexual sites could view the profile of a member of one of the lesbian sites.One of Dupuis's e-mails to Teich accused him of trying to force his way onto the lesbian site."We do not have a site appropriate for transgenders.His profile was deleted shortly after he received the e-mail.